Jealous & Tape

yo sup bitches let me just buzz by and drop some fanfictions here (wow I never come on here anymore)

Title & prompt word: Jealous
Fandom/Characters: Thor; Loki, Thor, Frigga
Word Count: 862
Summary: a story about little Loki discovering magic, written for my sister who is kind of obsessed with him all of a sudden
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Title & Prompt word: Tape
Fandom/Characters: Star Trek TNG; Tasha Yar
Word Count: 480
Summary: Tasha's first time on a Starfleet ship, as she leaves Turkana IV

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that's life

Okay, babes, here's a life update in case anyone is still reading this blog...

I spent this summer working in Custer, SD as a waitress and pie baker. As soon as I return home, I plan on researching and applying to graduate schools-- it's intimidating but I've been doing some thinking and it's literally the only way I know to get to my goal of being a research scientist. My current top school of choice is University of Iowa.

I made several new Babylon 5 reaction videos this summer, but I have not uploaded them to YouTube yet because I did not have internet access at the cabin where I was living. I'll be putting those up once I get home, which will be Sunday evening sometime. Right now I'm at my old alma mater, visiting my sister and planning on seeing some friends tomorrow because by coincidence, it's Homecoming weekend!

Since I had no internet access outside of the library (or Subway) all summer, I got a lot of reading done, but much less actual work on my novel than I could have. It's still only about 7 pages long. I'm kind of a failure, but hopefully I'll get re-inspired.

What else... oh, I have a personal tumblr now: and also another tumblr celebrating fictional women:

Also I'm reading a really cool book on particle physics and extra-dimensional string theory:
ooooh she's written other books! I MUST READ THEM ALL

UNIT Blues

Holy God, it's been ages since I've been on here. Tumblr took over my life, sorry. Also, didn't have internet all summer.

Have a tiny fic!

Title: UNIT Blues
Word Count: 350
Rating: G
Characters: Three, Liz, Benton
Summary: The Doctor is in a foul mood.

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look I wrote Sherlock fic!

Title: Normal
Word Count: 1317
Characters/Pairings: Mycroft/OMC, Sherlock, a dab of Sigur Holmes
Warnings: some implied off screen homophobia
Summary: Sherlock is twelve and angry. Mycroft tries to figure out why, despite their usual failure to communicate.

Note: wrote this for Asexy April. Mycroft might be aromantic and Sherlock is definitely asexual.

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titular title

I am the worst at actually posting things on here...

Well, I got a job! It starts on Friday and sadly it's not science related, but making money sounds like an awesome thing right about now.

In other news, I finished reading A Song of Ice and Fire and am now almost done with A Canticle for Leibowitz which is really different. I've been watching Parks and Recreation with a friend who likes it a lot and in exchange we're also watching Star Trek TNG, so it's one show she's introducing me to and one show I'm introducing her to. It's fun. Sadly, TNG goes by a lot slower than Parks and Rec and so it's going to take ages to get to the good stuff.

Tomorrow I go get my car's emissions tested and then hopefully get a Shamrock Shake!