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06 December 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Jealous & Tape  
yo sup bitches let me just buzz by and drop some fanfictions here (wow I never come on here anymore)

Title & prompt word: Jealous
Fandom/Characters: Thor; Loki, Thor, Frigga
Word Count: 862
Summary: a story about little Loki discovering magic, written for my sister who is kind of obsessed with him all of a sudden

Loki is very little, and Thor is only a bit older, when they first discover something Loki can do which Thor cannot.  They already have a list of things Thor can do which Loki cannot. Some of those have to do with age, but not all of them. Once they were out in the yard by the horse stables playing with some other kids when one of those kids stole Thor’s leather helmet which he was very attached to and Thor got so mad he made the sky grow cloudy and thunder roll ominously in the distance. He was so surprised that he was immediately distracted and the sun returned. He has to practice at not accidentally starting storms, but sometimes when he and Loki get to go out beyond the city they lie down in the grass and Thor makes it rain everywhere but on them.
So Thor can make storms, but Loki definitely can’t.
“I wish I could teach you how. We could have thundercloud battles!” Thor loves fighting, but he especially loves being able to include people in his simple war game scenarios.
“Well, I don’t want to learn. You can keep your cloud battles, what would that even be useful for anyway? It’s just a lot of noise. I’m glad I can’t do it,” Loki lies. Loki is very good at lying, especially to Thor, who believes everything he says. Sometimes Loki wishes he wouldn’t. Thor doesn’t know Loki lies, so he doesn’t know there’s already something Loki is good at which he is not.
Loki likes fighting too, but while Thor and his friends are running around and yelling and rolling around in the mud, he usually just watches. They’re bigger than him and he doesn’t like getting hurt. Thor proudly shows his “war wounds” to Odin, who tells him he’ll be a great warrior some day.
“Wouldn’t a great warrior get hurt less?” Loki asks. Frigga smiles but she’s the only one who hears him.
Loki thinks if he could make thunderstorms, he’d make Thor get hit by lightning. Sometimes Loki scares himself. Later he feels sorry, so to make it up to Thor he includes him in a crazy scheme to trap one of their father’s ravens. They get in a lot of trouble and the raven scratches Loki’s arms up, but it does make him feel better.
Predictably it’s while getting up to mischief that Loki discovers what he can do. There is a room of tapestries which he is not allowed to go into alone, so of course one day he sneaks in. The tapestries are huge and ancient and they continue up on the walls higher than Loki can see, so Loki climbs up one of the many ladders around the room to get a better look. Unfortunately he slips and grabs at one of the tapestries on the way down, ripping it.
The clatter of the ladder brings someone running. Loki stands there, hoping that she will not notice what happened, even though he has a chunk of tapestry in his hands. To his surprise, she looks confused and tells him to wait there, while she calls Frigga. She gets someone to watch him to Loki’s annoyance. He could have snuck away and hid otherwise. He hates getting in trouble.
Finally Frigga comes, by which time Loki has worked himself into a state. He’s very good at that. He really is sorry he ripped the tapestry, but mostly he’s sorry that he has to once again face the consequences of his actions. Also he doesn’t know why everyone looks so confused. Surely it’s obvious what happened?
Frigga takes the ripped piece from his hands, then makes him turn and look up at the tapestry. To his shock, it’s not damaged at all. As soon as he sees this, however, something like light ripples across the weavings’ surface and the tear is there, like it should have been.
“What did you do?” Loki asks Frigga because he’s seen her make things that aren’t really there before.
She smiles. “I did nothing. That was all you.”
Of course he still gets in trouble, but Frigga starts teaching him how to make illusions—of things and later of people. Years later when he finally is able to make a good copy of himself, he smiles at the copy and it smiles back, because now he can fight with less likelihood of getting hurt. He’s especially good at tricking Thor. He can convince Thor that his copy is himself or he can disguise his real self as another person, a monster, an animal. He can get away with anything now.
Thor makes thunderstorms, loud and big and honest, and he crows to the sky with joy whenever he wins a battle. He’s good at all that.
Loki laughs to himself, disguises and layers and plots and schemes. Someday it’s all going to pay off and he will win and they won’t even know it until it’s too late. He looks forward to the day that he maneuvers himself onto that throne, and everyone else realizes what idiots they’ve been. Loki’s always been good at lying.

Title & Prompt word: Tape
Fandom/Characters: Star Trek TNG; Tasha Yar
Word Count: 480
Summary: Tasha's first time on a Starfleet ship, as she leaves Turkana IV

She’s got tape on her broken finger. “Call me Cameron” put it there and told her to hold her hand still until the doctor can come have a look at it. Tasha’s not an idiot. She knows what to do about a broken finger.
They’ve given her something for the pain, something that doesn’t make her feel as strange as the drugs she took back home did. Back home. Odd to think how far away she will soon be from Turakana IV. Not odd to think how little she will miss it.
She’s in the hospital part of the starship. Everything is soft and almost blue. Tasha has taken a chair and positioned it so her back is to the corner of the room. A tall woman in a gold and black uniform has been assigned to watch her and is sitting nearby. The woman looks strong, but her hair is too long. Doesn’t she know that just makes it easier to grab?
Tasha cut her own hair as short as she could once she’d learned that lesson. She remembers Ishara looking at her with a wrinkled nose. “But it’s so ugly!” Thinking of Ishara makes her shiver. Tasha had tried to protect her, but she’d never been very good at it.
Cameron is helping a Starfleet man off one of the beds. It must be Tasha’s turn next. She wonders what they’re going to do to her.
“Do it with me standing,” Tasha tells the doctor. If she’s on her feet, she’s got more control of the situation. Don’t run she commands herself. They’re here to help you. She stares at the door as he runs the scanner over her. She’s used to running.
She’s not sure how the doctor’s scanner works, but she can imagine the sorts of things it tells him. As he sets her finger, as he explains the various medicines she needs to take, she can tell he’s trying to hide how sorry he feels for her. She’s not sure how to feel about that. Very few people have pitied her before. She decides she wishes he wouldn’t.
She feels adrift, purposeless. She used to have herself and Ishara to look out for. Now Ishara is gone and her own survival seems guaranteed. She has no goal. It makes her feel twitchy.
The security woman takes Tasha to the quarters that will be hers until they reach Earth. They’re bigger than anywhere she’s lived before. And so clean. She doesn’t want to touch anything because she’s so dirty. There’s probably a shower someplace.
The window distracts her. Stars streak by in the void of space. Tasha grew up underground; she used to imagine someday seeing the stars. They’re more beautiful than she could have guessed. Here, surrounded by them, speeding towards a world she never thought she’d get to see, Tasha feels truly at home.