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maybe I'm an outcast spy!

(please, not in front of the Klingons)

Sir Heziciah Shrivelfig, Lord of Cardassia
3 December
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Hey, I'm Solo. I'm from Chicago, although I spend more time over in Iowa at college than I do there. I love science fiction and pretty much all fiction in general. I prefer TV shows from before I was born to the junk on now. "White Christmas" is my favorite Christmas song. I love snow, but only if it falls between Thanksgiving and March. Whenever I'm asked to ramble about myself, I forget the important things. So I'm sure I'm forgetting lots right now. My favorite color is blue, I have no pets (but if I had a cat I would name it either Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson or Bones), I'm a tomboy whose guilty secret is a love of chick flicks (oh god why?), and I thought Close Encounters of the Third Kind was a really good movie thankyouverymuch.